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The Jonah Engler List of Practical and Effective Wellness Tips for Hard Working Moms

Tips for Hard Working Moms

Jonah Engler Regardless of whether a mother is working out of home or taking care of the family at home. There is no denying that they have a full day with multiple responsibilities to take care of. Besides meeting punishing deadlines at work, they are found to be always a pillar of strength at home; nurturing, guiding, and caring for the family round-the-clock. As may be expected, mothers with this kind of a punishing schedule are liable to feel drained, both physically and emotionally. Some useful and practical tips that mothers can use to get their personal happiness and wellness back on track:

Jonah Engler Wellness Tip No. 1 – Do Your Favorite Thing

Everyone, including mothers rushed off their feet, has a secret bucket list of things. That they would like to do if only they had the time and opportunity. If you have been leading a hectic life, you need to stop and think about what you would like to do that would be satisfying. There are endless possibilities ranging from seeing a movie to catching up with a bestie, reading a book, going on a vacation, doing some shopping, take dancing lessons, getting a massage or even spending some me-time completely alone to name just a few things that you may have been keeping on deferring. Figure out what it is that you would enjoy the most and when you can do it then make sure you go ahead and do it. According to, finding a buddy to do stuff together can be wonderfully motivating.

Jonah Engler Wellness Tip No. 2 – Keep a Journal

As a perpetually tired mother, the very thought of making enough time to keep a journal may be dismaying. But believe it or not writing down your challenges, frustrations, and your triumphs can be extremely cathartic. Keeping a journal about your deepest thoughts and feelings can be a wonderful way of connecting to them even as life continues at a hectic pace.

If you think that you would have no idea where to begin, you would be surprised. To discover what spills out given the opportunity for your mind to relax and think. You would be surprised to see how many of your pent-up frustrations can dissipate and how you are able to view things from a better perspective once you start penning your thoughts down. You do not have to devote too much time, take just five minutes out daily. Perhaps before going off to sleep, and discover how your mind becomes lighter.

Jonah Engler Wellness Tip No. 3 – Look Forward to Doing Something 

Looking forward to something heightens your senses and makes you want to enjoy it when it happens. Make it a point to look forward to something in the not too distant future and then something else after that, recommends Jonah Engler. Giving yourself a series of things to be excited about tends to increase your happiness quotient. You will discover that excitement can easily break the boring dullness of everyday routine. It can easily be the birthday of a friend, a wedding in the family. The return of someone from an extended stay away, or even an office trip.

Jonah Engler Wellness Tip No. 4 – Find out What Makes You Relax

As a busy and tired mother, you may tend to assume that you can only relax if you do not have to meet a deadline. Meditation is also popularly suggested as a good method of relaxing. As true as it may be, you need to know that you do not have to necessarily park yourself in a dark. And secluded room, close your eyes, and focus on your inner self to be able to meditate. In fact, anything that relaxes your mind can be a form of meditation. For one person, it can be a yogic sitting posture while for someone else, it could be taking. The dogs out for a walk, or enjoying a glass of wine watching the sun setting.

You can even go out walking or jogging in the park to relax your mind or pore over the collection of stamps your grandfather left for you. What you do does not matter; if you find it relaxing, you can try to incorporate it into your schedule as many times as you can. You will realize that when you are looking forward to something. You will automatically be able to find some time for it.

Jonah Engler Wellness Tip No. 5 – Go for a Change of Scenery

The thought of going off on an exotic tropical vacation or that trip to Venice. That you have been longing for may make you smile because as a busy mother, these would definitely fall into the realm of fantasy. However, it is quite possible for you to get a change of scenery. To lift the monotony of daily life just by thinking a little innovatively. Instead of taking the usual route to the office, you can try out a different route – the new sights will make your mind sharper and you will find your spirits lifting.

Think about getting out for the weekend with your girlfriends, even if it is for a couple of days. It can work wonders and make you fresh and full of vim once again. If a weekend out of town does not seem feasible, check out the hotels and resorts in your town for staycation possibilities. Where you can check into the hotel and spend a full day and night being cosseted in the lap of luxury with a spa treatment, a manicure, and pedicure, fine dining, etc. A staycation with your bestie is even more fun. New experiences and sights are very powerful influences that can fill up with happiness and zest for life.


Busy mothers can find it difficult to look after their wellness needs accustomed as they are to giving other people priority. However, they need to realize. That unless they themselves are able to keep their spirits up, they will not be able to function as well they would like to. Following some of these practical tips will restore their energies and positivity.

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