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Simple, Thoughtful, and Valuable Ways of Giving Back to Your Local Community – the Jonah Engler Prescription

Local Community

It is very common for young people to spend their lives outside of the community in which they grew up in pursuit of education and jobs or to explore new opportunities. Giving back to the community you belong to is important simply. Because without the initiative, drive, and monetary support, no community can hope to thrive. Apart from helping your community to flourish. Volunteering is a wonderful way of reconnecting with the people you grew up with, helping those in need. Giving kids the opportunity of creating a future for them. You can be sure that not only will your good deeds. Benefit the community but also you will be able to achieve a deep sense of fulfillment and joy through your contributions. Some simple yet thoughtful ways of volunteering to make your community a better place:

Jonah Engler Suggestion No.1 – Engage in Natural Disaster Relief 

Floods, forest fires, avalanches, landslides, heavy rain, hail, or snow, earthquakes, hurricanes, storms, tsunamis, heat waves, pestilence, drought, the list of natural disasters is endless. When a natural event does rear its ugly head, it can bring tremendous misery to the community, leaving countless homeless, hungry, and in shock. According to, natural disasters are more destructive due to the impact of human activities.

If you know that your local community or the communities nearby have been hit by a natural disaster. Can engage yourself in organizing or even directly taking part in disaster relief activities. You are in a position to reach your community, you can inquire with the local authorities how you can help but even if you are far away. You can take initiative to raise funds, build awareness. And organize the collection of items like food, drinking water, blankets, and other essentials. If the disaster has passed and the community is limping back to normalcy. You can even then pitch in to help in the rebuilding of the local infrastructure and medical facilities, advises Jonah Engler.

Jonah Engler Suggestion No.2 – Help Out in Homeless Shelters

Those who are fortunate take a roof over their heads as given; however, there could be many people who may not have the good fortune of having such a luxury. Find out if your community has shelters for the homeless and contact the administrators to see how you can help out. Organizing food for the residents can be tough so you can try to help. In the setting up of soup kitchens. You can also pitch in to build or repair the buildings or organize a collection drive for essential items like blankets, clothes, shoes, heaters, dry food, etc. The cold weather can be especially killing for the homeless; so, your labors during this difficult time may be just what is needed to bail them out.

Jonah Engler Suggestion No.3 – Support Women’s Centers & Shelters

Many women find it difficult to manage on their own due to certain circumstances or because they are victims of domestic violence or heinous crimes like rape. These women often have no recourse but to go to the women’s shelters set up by the local community. Unfortunately, as noble as the intentions of the community are, these shelters are quite often understaffed and underfunded. You can call up any of these establishments and find out what kind of help they may require. Quite often they may need people to not only support. They financially but also pitch in with their labor to help. If you are qualified, you can offer counseling services or can pitch in to ensure that the place is clean and serviceable.

Jonah Engler Suggestion No.4 – Pitch in At Animal Shelters

If you are an animal lover, helping out to give pets some joy during the holiday season could be a lifesaver for many people. As they plan to go on vacations but are unsure whether their pets will be safe. And happy while they are away. You can offer to look after the pets or offer to help out at a pet daycare or boarding facility or even just offer. To take a dog or two for their daily walks whenever you are free. You can also keep a sharp eye out for people wanting to keep a pet and link them up with the animal rescue center or shelter for adoption.  

Jonah Engler Suggestion No.5 – Help Out at the Local Senior Center

It can be a tough life for seniors who after having spent the best part of their lives being productive. Suddenly find themselves all alone and maybe facing physical and psychological issues. Often taking up residence at the community senior center is the only option left for them. However, most often seniors undergo feelings of isolation and depression because they feel that nobody cares for them anymore. Volunteering to help at the community senior center can be a truly wonderful way of giving back to society.

You can assist the seniors with their daily tasks that they may be having trouble with like bathing, dressing, or even having meals. By caring for them and giving them respect. They are entitled to, you can often make the quality of their lives better. If you know of senior citizens living alone, you can visit or call them periodically. To find out if they need any chores to be done. Often a simple chat over a cup of tea can benefit them immensely. If you find a senior citizen slipping into depression and feeling lonely, encourage them to visit their family members and friends. Attend community events, and take part in group activities and outings.


Local communities being notoriously understaffed and underfunded can always use help from willing and charitable people. Especially when those individuals were themselves a part of the community. For the contributing individuals, giving back to their community can be gratifying in many ways. Not only are they able to create a very real difference in the lives of people who need help but also find a sense of purpose in their own lives. After all, it is truly privileged. Ones who get the opportunity to better the lives of people in their communities.

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