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Jonah Engler: Women, making wellness your priority is not an option but a need

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Humans like to keep themselves busy, whether mentally priority or physically. They believe this makes them productive. Hence, most of their time goes into keeping themselves occupied with dreaming about the next pay hike, playing with kids, running errands, and so on. It is so much of an American way to build constant pressure on oneself. But do you realize how exhausted and burnt out you make yourself? It is particularly relevant for working mothers with kids as everything else takes precedence over their health, wellness, and well-being. As a mother and working professional, you can relate to this situation.

Like other working moms, you must be trying to sort out everything by yourself and taking occasional pride in the tasks you accomplished. If you are doing this, then it is time to pause and introspect a bit. Just because you can juggle a lot of things doesn’t imply you should do them. Think of what you sacrifice or compromise for completing a job at work, home, or in life every time. If you already sense a sudden wave of negativity or reluctance towards something that seemed to gratify in the past, it can be a sign that somewhere certain things are going wrong. Before the situation turns nasty to the extent you start avoiding healthy eating, networking with priority family and friends, and taking up hobbies, you’ve got to fix your life.

In the words of Jonah Engler, this requires reconsidering your priorities. If you don’t pay attention to your health and wellness, you will mess with other vital things. You have to slow down a bit and avoid priority doing a few things, regardless of your personality. It can feel scary initially but trust the process to make you feel better eventually. Here are some tips for leading you through this feel-good and healthy lifecycle.

Jonah Engler: Tips for taking care of your wellness

Give yourself time

As they say, love yourself first so that you can reflect it with others too. Similarly, be committed to yourself so that you can take care of other members of your house. It begins with proper eating habits, daily priority exercise regime, and sound sleep. You don’t have to implement everything at one go. Let it be a gradual and relaxing experience for you. Make small changes to your everyday life to help them merge beautifully. It will be possible to embrace them all as you make yourself the top priority.

Devote time to exercising

You don’t have to rev up as if you are on some urgent mission. It is crucial to take a moderate approach. For this, you can begin with easy exercises or activities that you can include in your daily life. For instance, if there are stairs in your apartment or workplace, use them instead of the elevator. People struggle with their health the most due to a sedentary style of job. You can do something here too with little hacks. You can roll your arms and neck while sitting. Or, you can also try some leg lifts.  Plus, taking short breaks in between the work and moving around can also be a good idea. Whatever you choose, go on adding it one by one to your rut. By doing this, you can ensure physical fitness without requiring additional space for it. Just keep a watch on your habits and working style. It will reveal what you can try and how to help you with the seamless transition.

Eat proper meals

In this age, everyone is getting calorie-conscious. People measure quantities before they eat. While checking what you are consuming is critical, you should not let go of your meals. Keep snacking to avoid overstuffing yourself with junk food and drinks, like soda, candy bar, donut, and so on. These fast food choices can be tempting for their easy availability. But these can harm your system. It is essential to feed yourself with nourishing food at the gap of a few hours. Since it can be challenging to follow this at your workplace, you can carry your stuff. This way, you will not need to look at unhealthy options.

Go to bed on time

If you are aware of the National Sleep Foundation, the organization says that everyone knows that sleep forms an integral part of the overall health and well-being of the people. Yet, millions of them either don’t sleep or don’t get it. When it comes to rest or anything else, needs tend to vary from individual to individual. An adult age 26 to 64 requires 7 to 9 hours of sleep a day. With kids, work, and home, this can feel like an impossibility as the to-do list can keep you awake through most of your night. But if you bring yourself to making it a compulsory ritual, you can overcome your sleep deprivation issues to a high degree. 

In a matter of a few days, you can start reaping its benefits on different aspects of your life. There can be an overall better feeling, and you can become more productive and efficient at things. However, if you don’t ensure this, you know what health and wellness challenge you can face in your life ahead. Diabetes, cardiovascular ailments, overweight, and such other conditions can occur due to a lack of adequate resting time for your body.

Health experts say you allow your internal system to repair and restore itself when you rest at night. But this natural restoration process gets hindered when you don’t give your body sufficient rest. Besides, the effects of sleep deprivation don’t confine to physical manifestation. Your mental and emotional health is also at risk. Irritability, temper, short memory, and such problems can take place.

So, don’t feel bad about the priority of the task that you didn’t complete today or for several days. Pat yourself on the back for achieving so much yet never giving up. However, it doesn’t mean you can sacrifice your well-being for these. If you are healthy, you can keep your family healthy too. Hence, prioritize yourself.

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