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Jonah Engler Shares Some Essentials You Need to Remember for a Healthy Relationship 

Sometimes relationships can be extremely difficult. From spending time together and having candlelight dinners to arguing over small things, every relationship has ups and downs says Jonah Engler. Not a single relationship is perfect. All the relationships in the world have some flaws. 

Therefore, the relationships can become more challenging. More than 45% of Americans say that dating and building quality relationship with people is harder than they were a couple of years ago. This is why many people face problems creating a good relationship with someone. 

Nowadays, most people prefer to maintain a fake personality on social media platforms than engage in face-to-face conversations. This affects our priorities and level of privacy and ultimately, our relationship with someone. Not to mention, the COVID-19 pandemic has already stressed our lives as well as affected our relationships. 

A healthy relationship not only includes you but also your partner and other people around you. However, not every people know the different aspects of healthy relationships. Here are some important things you need to remember about healthy relationships. 

Communication is Essential – Jonah Engler

The ability of a person to communicate freely with someone is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship. When you’re capable of talking about how you feel, you will be able to share your thoughts while also empathizing with other people. 

If you’re facing difficulties sharing your inner feelings with the other person, this means that you need to work on developing the trust factor. When you hold back the feelings, it simply implies that you are afraid of being judged or you’re unable to predict the response of the other people. Oftentimes, this means that you’re still learning the processes of proper communication with someone. 

However, the communication will become unhealthy and toxic when one person in the relationship tries to force their thoughts or opinions on other people to influence their opinions and thoughts. In such situations, you should set some boundaries. You should express your limits as well as expectations properly so that you can make your relationship healthier. 

You Should Be an Avid Listener 

Having someone listen to us without passing any comments or judgments is important in our life. A relationship will be called healthy when both people can comfortably share their thoughts, issues, opinions, and other aspects of life to express them properly. Even though not all the conversation will be easy, both partners should feel that the other one is going to listen to the story properly. 

If the needs or feelings of someone are not appreciated, the relationship will suffer dramatically. Therefore, both the partners should respect the opinions and personal space of each other. Compromise communication is one of the most important keys to the needs and feelings of each other. However, sometimes compromise is not always the best way, says Jonah Engler

If one partner disrespects, badmouths, and constantly ignores the other one, the relationship will become abusive. These types of behaviors are a red flag in relationships. However, when you listen to your partner carefully, they will be more attracted to you. Not to mention, you can build healthy relationships. 

Work through Disagreements

This is another essential thing you should remember about healthy relationships. Conflicts and disagreements are pretty common in relationships. It’s common to have a different mindset, beliefs, and preferences from significant others. In some cases, the conflict will be a sign that you need to change something in your relationship. Most of the time, couples of ignore conflicts suffer from the risks of developing unfulfilled needs and tensions within the relationship. However, the methods couples choose to resolve the conflict can also become a conflict itself. 

But when you work through the disagreements healthily by talking and listening to the other person respectfully, you will be able to understand the essential components of your relationships. You also need to think about their point of view. 

If the disagreements are turning into fights, it’s time to determine how you two are behaving with each other. If the situation escalates and goes out of your hand, it might sometime trigger various emotions such as anger, violence, etc. Partners can also badmouth and say mean words to their partners during disagreements and conflicts. 

Mutual Intimacy 

Healthy relationships allow mutual respect and space for connection and intimacy. Partners will be able to establish solid connections and boundaries as well as physical desires to enhance the bond of the relationship explains Jonah Engler. This not only requires ongoing attention but also communication to make the relationship healthy. 

If one or both the partners feel ashamed or unwilling to co-operate with their feelings, this is because they assume their partner won’t listen or care. This will make intimacy more stressful than enjoying. If one partner ignores the requirements of the other partner all the time, it will affect the relationship. Not to mention, this is abusive behavior. 

Mutual intimacy is extremely important. You can’t force your partner to build a physical relationship with you. If they are not comfortable, you should not cross your boundaries. 


To create a strong support system, it’s extremely important to maintain other types of relationships beyond the romantic relationship of our life. In healthy and strong relationships, one partner trusts the other one. They know that the other partner will do what they say. Trust also implies that each person is capable of spending time with other people than their partner such as family members and friends. 

However, the relationship will become unhealthy and full of doubts when one person becomes jealous every time their partner spends time or talks to other people in their life. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest negative signs in a relationship. As per reports, more than 40% of relationships end due to doubts and the incapability of one partner to trust the other one. 

If one person asks the other one not to talk or spend time with their friends. And family members, this is a sign of abusive behavior. Not to mention, if one partner constantly makes allegations that the other partner is flirting with someone even if they are not, this will also be considered an abusive relationship. 


These are some essential things you need to know about healthy relationships says Jonah Engler. If you have any questions, make sure you comment below. 

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