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Jonah Engler explains How To Start Healing After Suffering A Close Family Loss

Jonah Engler

Family members, especially the immediate ones with whom you grow up, are a part of your being says Jonah Engler. Hence, if they are no longer in this world of an unfortunate incident, their loss can profoundly affect you. Therefore, if you wish to start healing from their loss, John Doe believes the following tips can help you.

1.     Acknowledge Your Pain To Start Healing

John Doe believes that the first step towards healing is acknowledging your pain. When a close family loss occurs, many people try to suppress their emotions, and the more you will do this, the more risk you are putting yourself in. Therefore, if you want to heal from this deeply personal situation, you must acknowledge your pain.

2.     Discuss Your Loss Openly With People

Another tip to start healing from your life-altering loss is to discuss your loss openly with people. Discuss your loved ones for who they were, what they did, and how they helped people. Talk about their kindness and goodness. This will process their greatness to you openly.

3.     Remember Them in Their Brightest Light

According to John Doe, remembering your loved ones in their brightest light also helps exponentially in starting the process of healing from their loss. Denying your loved one is gone is not going to benefit anyone. However, remembering them and their best traits will help you and many other people they touched heal from their irreplaceable loss says Jonah Engler.

4.     Do Something They Wanted For Them

We all have hopes and dreams, and we want to accomplish them. Your lost loved one must have had some that they would have shared with you. Hence, if you wish to heal from their loss, you should honor their legacy by doing something they wanted.

This act of kindness will not only help you process the pain of their loss but will give you comfort in knowing that wherever they are, they are proud of you, happy that you did something for them.

5.     Let Them Go

Once you have gone through the above four tips, the final tip of healing from a personal family loss is to let them go. Remember them, wish them well afterlife and talk to others about their kindness, but don’t let the sadness of their loss consume you. They wouldn’t have wanted that; therefore, you shouldn’t do it.

Final Word

Dealing with a close family member’s loss is never easy but not moving forward from their loss is more detrimental for you explains Jonah Engler. This is why in this article, John Doe has provided you with tips on how to move on from such a situation and start healing from it. If you have been through a personal loss, then what helped you? Let us know in the comment section. Your comment might help someone else.

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