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Explore These Tips from Jonah Engler to Make a Difference to Your Community

Jonah Engler though all of us love to vacation, eat out, splash in the pool, and relax, let us give something back to the community. You can take some time off your leisurely hours to do something beneficial for society as a whole. You will feel nice if you can make a difference in people’s lives around you.

There are many reasons why involvement in the community is essential. It is not only good for you but also beneficial for people around you. Then, you might be wondering where or how to start. Here are some tips on how you can make a difference to your community:

Jonah Engler requests you to do some cleaning

The idea of picking up refuse may not appeal to all, but with numerous playgrounds and parks around, you can keep these places clean. You can participate in any clean-up project to make your neighborhood worthy of living, more so if you can keep parks or playgrounds clean for kids and seniors to gather.

As far as cleaning is concerned and when you have some great ideas, get in touch with the local park authorities for places that you can use to assist in a clean-up project.

Besides cleaning, you can also help in other ways. According to an article published on, you can offer some help in homeless shelters by arranging for food for the residents.

Jonah Engler Teach a less privileged kid

You will find many kids who are not so fortunate to afford education in schools in the country. Take an initiative to teach an underprivileged kid and make a difference in his or her life. Jonah Engler thinks that it is an amazing experience when you impart education free and enrich a kid’s life. Call the local NGOs to figure out how, where, and when you can teach unfortunate kids. You can also teach more than one child in a group.

Jonah Engler Work for a local food bank

You will find at least one food back close to your home. It will hardly take you 15-20 minutes to reach there from where you live. Volunteer to work in a food bank to feed the starved. Local food banks are one of the most essential charities in a city relying on donations and volunteers.

You can choose to volunteer in ways like assisting in cooking meals, buy food supplies, serve food, or visit the place with some other volunteers who are eager to help. According to an article published on, you can inspire more people to do social work and ask them to be generous to help the needy and hungry at times of a natural calamity.

Care for seniors

Try to help people in their 70s and 80s, who have no family or friends to help them in their distress. Get in touch with any assisted living facility and volunteer to help. You can provide emotional support to the seniors, play a board game, or just talk to lift their mood.


Give something back to your community is not difficult if you believe in the noble cause. Make a difference to people and their lives around you.

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