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Best Tips from Jonah Engler for Working Mothers to Stay Fit and Healthy

Jonah Engler working moms find it difficult to stay fit and healthy because juggling corporate responsibilities and domestic chores is indeed challenging. You have no time of your own, as you end up spending 9-10 hours glued to the PC screen. You have little time to eat healthily and exercise daily, both necessary to live healthy for working mothers.

According to an article published on, staying healthy is not a choice but a necessity for working moms these days. You need to eat right, give some time to yourself, work out daily, and sleep for eight hours every night. Read on to learn how working mums can stay healthy while managing their work at the same time.

Jonah Engler recommends sitting on an exercise ball

Even when you are into a hectic job, it is not healthy to sit for long hours before your computer. The human body is meant to stay active and upright for maintaining a healthy posture. When you keep sitting for several hours, it results in headaches, back pain, taut muscles, neck pain, and increased chances of injury. So if you are a working mom, take short breaks every 40 minutes at your workplace to sit on an exercise ball.

Sitting on an exercise ball will keep your body strong and prevent back pain. Additionally, you can opt for a standing desk that is highly recommended for working professionals these days. This way, you can work in a standing position from time to time to avoid stiff neck, headache, and tightness in your hips and lower back. Jonah Engler knows that a standing desk helps you burn excess calories to stay in shape.

Avoid bringing work to your home

Working, arranging your kid’s birthday party, and attending dance classes are things you cannot manage at the same time. At work, you need to stay productive, check client emails, and answer phone calls from customers. You juggle between loads of tasks all at the same time. Then, when you are at work, give your 100 percent so that you do not need to bring work to your home.

Therefore, you need to prioritize work to help you stay balanced and focused. According to an article published on, working moms can stay happy and healthy in many ways such as doing things they like, watching a movie, meditating, or going for a vacation.

Carry home-cooked food to your work

It is tempting to order cheese-dripping pizzas at your workplace, but then it is unhealthy if you eat junk food daily. Pack a healthy, nutritious lunch box to stay healthy. You can eat salad, soup, salmon, and lean meat that have essential nutrients to keep you in the best of health.

After lunch, when you feel hungry during the evening, snack on some fruits, healthy nuts, kale chips, and celery sticks with cream cheese. Avoid junk food as much as possible. Instead of drinking too many cups of coffee, drink lots of water while at work.


Working moms find it extremely challenging to juggle between work and home. Taking short breaks, eating healthy, and not bringing work home are some of the ways to stay healthy.

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