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Are You in a Healthy and Loving Relationship? 13 Signs, According to Jonah Engler, That Say You Are

Everybody wants a partner who is loving, caring, and shows respect. Yet there are people who get into troublesome relationships. Similarly, often people don’t realize whether they are in a good relationship, despite their partner being loyal and honest. This article will discuss 13 signs that will suggest you are in a healthy relationship.

  1. There is trust

Can you trust your partner? Does your partner trust you? If the answer is yes, you are in a good relationship. You might have trust issues because of various reasons. But it’s a good sign if your partner doesn’t give you any reason to distrust them and is accountable for their actions.

  • They respect you

According to most relationship experts, respect is the foundation of love. So, if your partner respects you and you respect them, not just in words but in action, it’s a relationship that you need to have faith in.

  • You spend quality time

Modern-day life is busy. Works eat away most of the time. But despite your job, do you both make time for each other? If the answer is yes, you are working towards a healthy relationship. There can be times when you might have less time for one another. But as long as there is the desire to find time and be with one another you both are good.

  • There is support and encouragement

Do you both support and encourage each other concerning any new endeavors or about life? If not, then you should start doing it. If yes, Jonah Engler saysthat it is a healthy sign and it will cement your bond forever.

  • Being comfortable

If you both can be comfortable with each other and don’t feel that you are judging one another, you both are in a good space.

  • Share a good laugh

Partners need to be able to laugh at themselves and shed off the excess tension and stress. If you both can do that, you are in a good relationship.

  • Managing the triggers

There are times when partners can trigger one another because of their deep traumas and past life issues. It is necessary to hold a safe space for one another so that one can address and manage the triggers well. Doing this ensures that you both have a good understanding of one another.

  • Compatibility

No one can define compatibility. It’s a feeling where one person compliments the other. You either have it, or you don’t. So, if you feel there is compatibility that binds you both, you can be sure of your relationship with each other. If not, it’s best to part ways.

  • Your needs are met

Partners need to cater to one another’s needs. It is a good relationship as long as you can do that mutually.

  1. You feel confident

Do you feel confident around your partner? If yes, you this is a bond for keeps.

  1. Authenticity

A good relationship is one where each partner encourages the other by being authentic themselves.

  1. You can manage a tough time

You know that you have a healthy relationship where you both can manage a tough time together without growing apart.

  1. There is fun

Above everything else, Jonah Engler says if you both can manage to have fun with one another, it’s a good relationship. Now that you know all these signs, you can decide for yourself whether you are in a good relationship or not.

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