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6 Disadvantages Of Strict Parenting – Jonah Engler

Different parents have their specific styles of parenting. While some opt for a lenient parenting style, others are more influential by a stricter parenting style.

Many people believe that strict parenting will result in more control and respect from their children; however, in many ways, strict parenting has proven to be a disadvantage for the children.

1.   Strict Parenting Results in Bullies – Jonah Engler

Children have their own moods. Strict parenting may have an impact on their mental growth. If the child is yelled at and controlled by their parents, they are likely to become bullies. This gives a child a sense of power and controllable nature.

2.   Inability to Make Proper Decisions on their Own– Jonah Engler

Strict parenting allows parents to control their child, and this makes the child be obedient to the decisions made by the parents and agreeable to whatever they say rather than allowing children to think for themselves, which may lead to a lack of confidence.

3.   Anger Issues are Caused by Strict Parenting – Jonah Engler

A child is full of joy and fun-loving and likes to chat and play with friends and get silly. Strict parenting restrains a child from being themselves, and this may lead to serious anger issues developing in them, causing hatred and harsh attitudes towards their parents.

4.   Strict Parenting Reduces Motivation and Creativity – Jonah Engler

When a parent is extremely strict with their children, instead of encouraging them to take risks and be more productive, they always demotivate them, which may reduce their creativity to be explored.

5.   Increases Risk of Depression and Anxiety— Jonah Engler

Growing up in an environment full of punishment and strict boundaries may make children feel unloved and unacceptable. This is not an environment in which a child is happy. Instead, it may lead to anxiety and depression. Increasing depression and anxiety in children nowadays is very common in children who are brought up in an environment of strict parenting, causing fear in their personalities. They generally feel uncomfortable and unhappy in their homes with such a toxic environment.

6.   Strict Parenting can Force them to Lie Often–Jonah Engler

If the parents are very strict with their children, it will make them think they cannot speak to them and can not share their feelings with them. This can often cause them to lie about small things, as well as huge ones. Bad result? Hide it! Broken something, lie about it.

Being strict will make your child hesitant to talk to you or share things with you ending in a lot of lies on their part.


Parenting can be a tough thing to do, but according to Jonah Engler, if you choose to take up a stricter parenting approach, this will be very disastrous for your child’s confidence as well as overall personality.

Teach them all you can, but do not scare them away from yourself. Be there for them, be a friend to them, along with a parent. It can be tough sometimes, but it will be the best gift that you can give to your child.

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