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5 Signs to Detect Toxic Relationships as Per Jonah Engler

When you are in a supportive relationship, your life is heaven on earth. You feel you can walk on clouds, you can conquer anything, and the world is your oyster. You feel this way because you have a support system you can rely on. A support system that gets you, understands you and makes you better.

However, the opposite of everything occurs when you are in a toxic relationship. Your world turns upside down, and you experience hell on earth. But if you do not know how to differentiate if you are in a positive or toxic relationship, the easiest way to deduce is through the following signs highlighted to you by Jonah Engler.

Jonah Engler Believes If Your Partner Puts You Down, it’s a Toxic Relationship

The first sign of knowing you’re involved in a toxic relationship is noticing that your partner puts you down at every chance they get. They do not believe in you and tell you every time that your hopes and dreams are “unrealistic”. Where you need support, they tell you it’s not doable and only point out the difficulties and do not help you find a single solution.

Your Partner Makes You Feel Dumb For Your Interests

The second sign is a lack of support for things you like. They will always pretend that they know everything more than you. They will act like they are always right and you are wrong, and most importantly, you will be made a laughing stock for liking the things you like.

If your partner constantly makes fun of your choices and tells you to grow up or that what you like isn’t classy or trendy, then Jonah Engler believes you are in a toxic relationship, and you should get out of it as soon as possible for your own sake.

They Are Possessive of You but Want Liberty for Themselves

A major sign of knowing you are in a toxic relationship is the hypocrisy of possessiveness. They are possessive of every move you make and want complete freedom for themselves. What you are wearing, eating, doing, who you are going out with, and everything is a problem.

However, if you question any of their life choices, they ask you to give them “breathing space”. If this is happening to you, then Jonah Engler knows you are in a toxic relationship, and you should lose this relationship as swiftly as you can because the longer it goes, the more abuse you will have to face.

Resentment of Your Success/Progress is Blatant According to Jonah Engler

If your success/progress, be it personal or professional, doesn’t make them happy as if it is theirs, and you can sense jealousy/resentment, you are in a toxic relationship. You should run at the first sign of toxicity.

Fights Scores Are Tracked for Showcasing Who is Superior

According to Jonah Engler, the final sign to detect if you are in a toxic relationship is noticing if your partner is keeping scores of the arguments/fights you have. If they claim to let go of a matter but then bring it again in the next argument, it means they are keeping track, and that relationship is toxic for you.

Final Word

Many people are involved in toxic relationships and do not even know about it. Hence, through this article, Jonah Engler is educating you about the signs you should look out for and end the relationship as soon as you see these. Please go through them and tell us in the comments section which is the worst out of them all.

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