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5 Reasons To Believe In Love According To Jonah Engler

Love is a force that has a tremendous influence in this world. This beautiful feeling provides us with chances to laugh, fills our hearts with joy, and sets a positive outlook on life for us.

It teaches us to be hopeful for the best, and it also tests our patience. While it may even be the reason why many people get hurt, it still is a worthwhile emotion to experience.

If you have ever been betrayed or been cheated on, you may find yourself doubting love – but remember, your perfect one is still out there, awaiting you. There are many reasons to believe in love, according to Jonah Engler. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. True Love Does Exist According To Jonah Engler

If you have been subjected to a bad relationship at an early age, you might find yourself being repelled by the idea of getting together with anyone. This should not happen because true love does exist – it is not just an idea of fiction. It does not only happen between Romeo and Juliet, nor is it reserved for Bella and Edward! It is a part of life, and you may find it even when you are not looking for it.

You may have observed some old couples being happy together; this is what love is. Spending years and years with that one person and not letting the light of love lose its spark.

2.   Love Keeps You Happy According To Jonah Engler

Love is a factor that aids in keeping you happy. Sharing this emotion with someone allows you to build a strong relationship.  According to Jonah Engler  17, because of love, you start to stay happier when you see that there is someone who loves you, cares about you, and is there for you.

3.   Love Can Add Colors To Your Life According To Jonah Engler

The one thing that almost everyone wants in life is love. It is something that is wanted by everyone, no matter where you live. When there is love in your life, it makes life better. Sharing the beautiful feeling of love with someone helps in making life more worthwhile.  Love can be shared in any form, it can be for your family, or it can be from your colleagues or your significant other.

4.   Love Makes You Do Your Best According ToJonah Engler

Love is a truly special bond because when you love someone, you want to make them happy. You do everything in your power to make sure that the people you love are happy. It is like you are spreading joy and positivity around you, and this also helps in making you a better person.

5.   Love Helps You In Battling Your Fears According To Jonah Engler

If you have people around you who love you and support you, it helps eliminate fears and anxiety. Due to the withstanding support, you have faith in yourself and can believe in achieving your goals and aims.

Final Thoughts

According to Jonah Engler, you should never lose hope in love as it helps you in many ways. It makes you a more positive person and gives you the courage to reach new peaks of success.

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