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4 Ways To Build Good Relationships With Your Students – Jonah Engler

Having a good academic relationship with your students will serve as a prominent point in nurturing their success in academics.   Building good relationships with students is an excellent thing for teachers to do. This helps in unlocking their potential and giving them a boost in the right direction. Having a teacher that has the best interests of the students at heart helps to develop a respectful and positive relationship. While it can be challenging at times, it can be made possible with some tips by Jonah Engler.

When you build an aura of trust in the classroom, you can see the students be active, and also thrive in their specific ways.

1.   Jonah Engler Suggests To Teach In An Enthusiastic Manner

When a person goes on and on in a dull manner, the students are less likely to respond to them in a positive way. So, in order to get their attention, make sure that you display a sense of passion and enthusiasm while teaching. This will cause the students to listen to you and learn things in the best manner. The excitement that you portray during teaching will rub off on them and will increase their learning capabilities of the students. So instead of taking a dull approach to teaching, make sure that you keep it interesting and enthusiastic. Incorporate technology as well as creative hands-on methods that will allow them to engage in a better way and learn too.

2.   Jonah Engler Suggests To Treat The Students With Respect

Respect – Something that is a give and take system. If you respect someone, they will give you respect as well. The same goes for students too. If you give them respect, they will give it to you as well. Do not be sarcastic with them, do not yell at them or embarrass them. The best thing to do is to talk to them individually and explain to them what the problems are. You should have an authoritative and direct manner but learn to keep it respectful. Do not show favouritism to any particular student, no matter how good they are. Treat all the students equally and give them respect.

3.   Jonah Engler Suggests To Radiate Positivity

While it can be very hard to be positive on some specific days, the teachers have to make sure that their personal lives do not come in between their professional lives. Do not take out your bad mood on the class as it is not professional at all. Have a positive attitude that will allow your class to be more interactive as well as help the children to learn more.

If you have a negative attitude, the students will start to resent you and will not look forward to your class at all. This will create problems for you.

4.   Jonah Engler Suggests To Share Stories

Engaging with students by telling them stories about your life is one of the best ways to connect with them. It does not have to be personal; just incorporate some stories that will make them laugh or teach them a valuable lesson. Tell them about the time when you were a student or some prom night disasters. This will allow them to get closer to you.


According to Jonah Engler, these four things can help you in building a good relationship with your students. Follow these tips and see the difference in the attitude of your students.

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