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3 Top Tips from Jonah Engler for Managing Your Kid’s Anxiety

Jonah Engler anxiety can become a big concern for parents, as it makes it difficult. For the child to communicate with friends, peers, or develop friendships in school. Nervousness is something that affects academics, extracurricular activities, and the ability to learn things faster. It also adversely affects your child’s sleep, physical health, and eating habits. Based on the findings of the National Institute of Mental Health, 25.1 percent of kids have a lifetime occurrence of anxiety.

According to an article published on, kids also feel bored when they are cut-off from their peers and friends, leading to boredom. Anxiety adds to the problem. Here are three best tips to deal with your child’s anxiety:

1. Jonah Engler suggests self-talk

Your child can fight anxiety by organizing their thoughts through self-talk to make him or her feel empowered. Though it may seem a little weird to indulge in self-talk. Cutting back on your child’s worries is an effective way to control their anxiety. Parents should encourage their children to have self-talk to manage anxiety issues.

There are many benefits of self-talk such as it helps in stating the anxious thought. Discussing why a specific thought keeps coming back, coming up with a logical counter-statement, and reducing anxious feelings.

2. Practice deep breathing

According to an article published on, good parenting is expressing love for your children through your actions. When your kids feel anxious, hug them, listen to them, and spend time with them. 

Jonah Engler cites that deep breathing helps in managing anxiety in kids, but then it calls for practice. Deep breathing will help your child remain calm and composed. When your kiddo is stressed and anxious, deep breathing helps. In slowing the heart rate and control physical retorts to feelings of anxiousness.

One effective way to practice deep breathing is by using some apps every night before retiring to bed. The Stop, Breath, and Think Kids tool helps children with a guided meditation. In short, increments so that they can figure out and practice mindfulness to stay come and anxiety-free. The app helps you kiddo understand the power of silence, focus, and sound sleep at night.

3. Exercising daily

Motivate your children to exercise daily to minimize their body’s retort to anxiousness. Studies indicate that kids doing Yoga not only benefit from the uplifting impact of exercising quickly. After the activity but also the outcome lasts for a long time.

Your kids can do light freehand exercises at home. And benefit from exercise sessions, team sports, and taking a walk in the park. Inspire your kids to take nature walks in the morning and spend some time with plants and flowers.

Even walking around the apartment block or park is beneficial for kids having anxiety issues. It is one of the best ways to reconnect with the outside world, practice mindfulness. Alleviate anxious feelings, and make new friends with other kids in the community park.


Parents should never lose patience when dealing with their child’s anxiety. Shower love and affection when you kid is anxious and stressed, which are effective in calming your child.

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