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3 Tips To Keep The Spark Alive In A Relationship – Jonah Engler

Do you think that your relationship is losing its charm? Is the spark between you and your significant other lost somewhere – maybe it is lodged beneath the mountain of responsibilities that have taken place. Or maybe, it is swamped between the meetings and appointments that you are busy with.

While everything is important and should be going on, you should be very cautious about keeping the spark alive in a relationship. A long-term relationship can be very dull if you do not make each other a priority.

Take a little step in the past, when you and your partner initially started being together. Remember the butterflies that you felt deep in your gut when you saw them, the electricity that flooded through you when you spent time with each other. The excitement that you felt when you had to go on a date.

Now, back to the present, do you miss the electricity, the spark, and the excitement? If yes, you would be excited to know that there are some things that you can do to restore these missing elements from your relationship.

According to Jonah Engler, with the help of a few tips, you can repair your spark and give it new electricity.

1.   Do Something New Together  – Jonah Engler

With the old routines taking a toll on you, it is time to give your partner and yourself a little detour from the norm. Do something new that you have never done before. You can go on a vacation to a place where you have never been to. For more affordable options, try out new board games or bring out a deck of cards. Try something new to eat or explore a new place that you have not checked out in the area. Try to get something done that is not in your normal routine.

2.   Go Out On Dates  – Jonah Engler

If you do not take out enough time for each other, you need to change that – as soon as possible. At least go out on a date once a month, dress up for each other, wear your favorite perfumes, the guys can take out their favorite pair of shoes, and the ladies can wear their pearls for the special day, and do not forget those drop-dead-gorgeous heels!

Make it special and go somewhere nice and quiet.

3.   Learn To Communicate – Jonah Engler

There might be times in the relationship when you both have different opinions and different perspectives on life. It can lead to arguments and fights. Try to discuss things in a proper manner and communicate things clearly. This will help you in keeping the relationship alive, according to Jonah Engler.


Keep your relationship healthy and keep the spark alive by following the three tips that are suggested by Jonah Engler. These will help you in building a healthy relationship and will help you to sustain it in a better way than before.

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